That's a start. Pushkov comments on Polish Foreign Ministry statement on Ukraine

Russian senator Alexei Pushkov believes that Hungary and Poland are only the first countries to have said it is too early for Ukraine to think about joining the European Union (EU), others will speak out soon.

As previously reported, Hungary initiated changes to the draft declaration of the Eastern Partnership summit, which was held on November 24 in Brussels, due to the new Ukrainian law on education. It significantly reduces the possibility of studying in the languages of national minorities. The governments of several countries, including Hungary and Romania, said that this law violates the rights of national minorities in Ukraine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Péter Szijjártó said that Budapest was in the process of initiating a revision of the agreement on the association of Ukraine with the EU due to this document.

Tensions in relations between Kiev and Warsaw have emerged in recent years against the backdrop of discussions about events known as the "Volyn Massacre." Earlier, the president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, stated that Ukrainian politicians with anti-Polish views should not occupy important postitions in government bodies. Later, Polish Foreign Minister Vitold Vashchikovsky said that the Polish authorities intend to ban entry into the country to persons who adhere to the anti-Polish stance. Poroshenko initiated an extraordinary meeting of the advisory committee of the heads of Ukraine and Poland in the view of misunderstandings of the historical issues.

DONi News Agency