Tariff escalation in Ukraine launched for US operator to enter market

Instead of Naftogaz, an American operator may enter the Ukrainian energy market, which will receive super-profits after several waves of tariff hikes in the former Soviet republic, a columnist Vyacheslav Pihovshek stated on air of the NewsOne TV channel.

According to the TV presenter, this is evidenced by the recent statements by the US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who is closely following the local energy market.

"Perhaps, something still lies behind the words of Yovanovitch. I do not exclude that an American operator may enter the Ukrainian market instead of Naftogaz, replace it, being presented under the guise of an American investor.

From a great number of sources, from a bulk of documents, I have already heard the information that the increase in gas and electricity tariffs is for us pay more, and this ‘more’ to be received by the West-defined operator. That is, for the West to make money on us," Pikhovshek said.

DONi News Agency