State Duma: Kiev policy bears rather demonstrative character

The cessation of economic cooperation program between Russia and Ukraine is nothing more than a ritual sacrifice in current Ukrainian politics; it bears demonstrative character, claims the State Duma member from the Crimea region Ruslan Balbek.

The Ukrainian Cabinet voted for cessation of economical cooperation with Russia in 2011-2020.

“The break-up of the agreement on economic cooperation is a ritual sacrifice in today's Ukrainian politics. All as in antiquity: the economy has nothing to do with it, and there will be no miracle, but idols demand to do that." The Ukrainian establishment now depends so much on the conjuncture of its political market that regardless of desires, it has to cut its hands and feet, break important ties, thereby showing that politics is a sharp knife in the hands of a madman, " said Balbek.

The member of parliament stressed that both Ukraine and Russia have been "forming their economy separately" for four years.

"Therefore, today's demonstrative breakdown of relations is, rather, a symbolic action," concluded the politician.

DONi News Agency