Spiegel: Azov seeks to 'conquer Europe' with help of local radicals

The ranks of the Ukrainian Azov national battalion there are more and more mercenaries from Germany and other European countries, according to German magazine Spiegel.

According to the publication, Ukrainian radicals are attracting "like-minded people," handing out flyers at various neo-Nazi events, where they call for "saving Europe from extinction."

"The goal is recruiting operation in order to "conquer Europe anew". And this grouping attracts German neo-Nazis among the youth," Spiegel writes.

The 'advertising campaign' of Ukrainian radicals was crowned with success, the author of the article states: over the past three years the number of Azov members has increased three-fold. In 2014, it included, according to the publication, 850 people, and now - 2500.

In particular, in July they managed to attract people at the Rechtsrock-Festival in the German city of Themar. About six thousand ultra-right radicals took part in this event. The soldiers of Azov distributed leaflets, in which they were invited to "perform in the ranks of the best."

DONi News Agency