Situation in Donbass evolves into frozen conflict – Putin

The situation in Donbass acquires features of a frozen conflict, it is out of anybody’s favour, the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine, including the adoption of a law on the special status of Donbass, would completely suit Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"As for the prospects for settlement in Donbass, this acquires the character of a frozen conflict, no one is interested in it, including Russia. We would like the situation to be resolved. But the resolution should cause no concern to any of those who live in this territory," Putin said at a meeting with the leaders of Russian print media and news agencies.

"I do not want to prejudge anything, I have said this many times, and I want to repeat it once again: Russia would be quite satisfied if the Minsk agreements were fully implemented, the Minsk agreements in full, not selectively, as someone likes, but in full, so that it suited those who live in Donbass," the President of the Russian Federation added.

He explained that this includes, in particular, the law on the special status of Donbass.

DONi News Agency