Simply slaves: Ukrainians tell about work conditions in EU

The Ukrainians who left for work in the European Union countries told about the conditions in which they had to work abroad.

According to the publication "", hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have already left for Poland and Hungary, where, unlike other EU countries, a working visa is not required. Nevertheless, a simplified scheme of employment allows finding only low-skilled work for up to three months.

According to Maria Tarnavskaya, who received a job in Gdansk, the citizens of pervceive European salaries as 'cosmic'. However, in comparison with local prices, migrant workers are paid very little, and working conditions are terrible. So, the woman works in the shop processing and packing chicken legs, being in the "refrigerator" for 16-18 hours a day.

"We are simply slaves for them, cheap labour," complains the woman.

In addition, the set of fines and holdback that employees face were unexpected for Ukrainians. Thus, the boss punishes for cigarette breaks, holds back from the salary breaks for lunch and does not pay the salary if the worker leaves without working for three months.

As Yury Ardel, who works on the building of a shop near Warsaw, says, it is especially difficult for women in low-skilled jobs whom the managers despise.

Also many Ukrainians come across tricks of swindlers with documents or independently sign to overwork without having read all the points of the contract.

"Do not give them your passport by any means, otherwise you can get into slavery. They will pay a penny, or even put your back into it for food night and day," recommends Valentina Tatarinskaya, who worked in Poland and Hungary.

DONi News Agency