Set of Measures for Donbass conflict settlement could be completed in 6-8 months – politician

The Minsk agreements could have been fully implemented in 2015, but despite this, they continue to be the only chance for the settlement of the conflict in Donbass. This opinion was expressed by the representative of the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group, the leader of the public movement "Ukrainian Choice - the People's Right" Viktor Medvedchuk, summing up the results of the three-year action of the Set of Measures to Implement the Minsk Agreements.

"Starting to participate in the negotiations in Minsk, I was sure that there were present all the mechanisms for implementing the Minsk agreements. If there was the political will of the parties, Minsk could have been accomplished within six to eight months, before to the end of 2015," said Medvedchuk, expressing regret that "this did not happen."

However, despite the three-year process of implementing the Set of Measures to settle the conflict, he is optimistic.

"I am ready to repeat what I said three years ago: the Minsk agreements provide real opportunities for resolving the situation through the legal way, according to Ukrainian legislation (this is fundamentally important), relying on democratic mechanisms, in the interests of the country and the people," he said.

Medvedchuk stressed that he believes in the Minsk agreements, "because this is the guarantee of Ukraine's unity," the only way to 'sew' the country, to return Donbass to Ukraine and Ukraine to Donbass.

As the politician notes, for three years the participants in the negotiations on Donbass failed to realize most of the agreements reached, but without them the situation in the region could have been much worse.

"We cannot talk about the breakthrough, about serious achievements of "Minsk", but even its opponents recognize that at the time of signing it was beneficial to Ukraine, since it allowed ceasing full-scale hostilities, stopping the bloodshed and creating an effective platform for negotiations, which today is the only one out there," Medvedchuk stressed.

DONi News Agency