SBU, National Guard, border guards, Interior Ministry get out of Poroshenko’s control

The power structures of Ukraine gradually cease to obey Petro Poroshenko, director of the Social Communications Agency, Sergey Belashko, stated at a press conference in Kiev.

According to the expert, the loss of Poroshenko's power tools was made clear when Mikhail Saakashvili breached the frontier. At that, Ukrainian law enforcement officers feigned an attempt to obstruct the actions of the ex-president of Georgia.

"We can see that the same very National Guard is actually sabotaging the president's orders already, as well as the police, the State Border Service which fulfils its duties more than formally, despite the recently staff rotation intended to make it more controllable and manageable. Nothing precise can be said about the SBU. Well, of course, it is looking for ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ and other ‘limbs’ of Moscow. As a result, Poroshenko finds himself is in isolation which is rather far from splendid. This is weakness," the expert said.

He also believes that some high-ranking security officials helped Saakashvili break through the border. In general, according to Belashko, shadow power structures, which will operate simultaneously with the legal ones, are being actively formed in Ukraine now.

"Status, by and large, is not important, ratings are not important. It is important to which extent you, as a politician, will manage to ensure the loyalty of the power structures or, at least, their neutrality. And how successfully you, as a politician, will manage to create alternative power structures, mobilize criminals, athletes, ATO participants, any ethnic communities.

Politicians are looking for fighters. This is about about the formation of secret, shadow, actually private armies.

It must be obvious that, taking into account the way the operation on Saakashvili’s arrival in the country was organized, it, in fact was not a political operation, but a forceful one. Evidently, the forces possessing a quite serious training level were involved in it.

It is possible that the people who planned this operation had guarantees of non-resistance on the part of the official power-wielding structures," Belashko said.

DONi News Agency