SBU cryptographer confirms CIA's work in Donbass

The US special services had started preparing a war in Donbas before the beginning of 2014, their "cells" with scouts were located in each city of the Donetsk region.

The SBU were aware of it and did not take any actions, just stated the fact of foreign agents' presence in the territory of the state, Lieutenant-Colonel Roman Labusov, ex-chief cryptographer of the Ukrainian special services who had taken the DPR side, said at the Open Microphone program at the First Republican TV channel.

"The year 2014, the overthrow of power, the henchmen of the West came to power. I'm not talking about Turchinov, that's a subject of a different discussion...

In theory, the entire staff of the Security Service of Ukraine was to be dismissed for non-performance of their official duties. They failed to prevent a coup in the country, although there was a plenty of available information about the upcoming coup.

There was information about American funds in the territory of Donetsk region. There were at least 140 of them, in each city there were 3 to 4 funds, in which CIA representatives were deployed. There were American scouts working in the territory of Ukraine. How could that be? And why did the SBU stay silent and complacent? They simply stated the fact that there were foreign agents in the territory of our state, and that's it, they did not take any actions," Labusov said.

DONi News Agency