SBU agent arrested in DPR

The DPR State Security Service detected and neutralized the SBU agent – Romanchenko Valery Alexandrovich.

It was stated that in winter 2016 Romanchenko, who was engaged in long-distance passenger transportation, was recruited by the SBU being caught due to compromising material when he was crossing the Ukrainian check point “Maryinka" trying to bribe an official of the Ukrainian State Border Service. Subsequently, Romanchenko was carrying out photo and video recording of military units, equipment and other DPR military facilities, collecting information on civilian infrastructure facilities and communications on a permanent basis according to the SBU instructions. Thus, one of the last Romanchenko’s assignments was the collection of information on one of the DPR Internet providers’ activities.

Currently, Romanchenko having fully realized his guilt confesses his criminal activities. At the same time, the DPR State security Service revealed all the SBU officers who were involved in the unlawful activities of the detainee.

The investigative measures are ongoing.

DONi News Agency