Saakashvili’s adherents call on Rada to adopt law on Poroshenko’s impeachment

A meeting on the Mikhailovsky square in the Ukrainian capital has called on MPs of the Verkhovna Rada to immediately adopt a law on the President’s impeachment. The organizer of the action was a party Rukh novykh sil of the ex-president of Georgia and former governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili. 

“We should take control of a principal officer who sits on Bakovskaya Street (The President’s administration is located on Bankovskaya Street) having adopted a law on the President’s impeachment,” Petro Poroshenko’s Block Rada MP Sergei Leshchenko stated this at the meeting on Sunday. 

According to him, the top of authorities has shaken and divided after protest action beginning of Saakashvili’s supporters. It’s good that they quarrel. In such a way, it will be easier for us to collect votes for our reforms,” pointed out Leshchenko. 

DONi News Agency