Russia's envoy to OSCE: US proposals for UN mission in Donbass contradict Minsk-2

The proposals that the United States has pushed in when discussing the UN mission in the Donbass region are not relevant to the Minsk agreements and will never receive Russian support, Russia's Permanent Representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich stated during the video bridge Moscow-Vienna on Monday, December 11.

"It (the scheme) is absolutely irrelevant to the Minsk package of measures," he stressed. "Rather, [it] acts in the direction opposite to those agreements, which are enshrined in this [Minsk] document."

The diplomat said that "it is proposed, in fact, as the Minister (of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei) Lavrov put it, the imposition via the UN some international authority, which is a key element of a package of measures, namely, dialogue between Kiev and Donbass, will replace it in terms of a meaningful solution to the problems that exist in the region". "This means elections, and the police, and the disengagement of the parties, etc," he said.

"If such a scheme is implemented, there is no space or special monitoring mission of the OSCE or the OSCE as such. All will be in the hands of the UN administration," Lukashevich stressed. "So it is absolutely foreign body, which, of course, will not ever find our support."

DONi News Agency