Russians kept in Ukrainian prisons to be exchanged for Ukrainians convicted in Russia

Kiev did not release Russian citizen during Wednesday’s prisoner exchange in Donbass as it plans to swap them for Ukrainians serving prison terms in Russia, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko said on Thursday.

"More efforts will be taken to have our citizens released from Russian prisons, from the occupied Crimea. And this is why we released no Russia today," Ukraine’s media outlet Strana quoted him as saying.

According to Poroshenko, more than 15 Russians kept in Ukrainian prisons would be exchanged for Ukrainian nationals serving prison terms in Russia.

Poroshenko dodged answering a journalist’s question why there were so many Ukrainian nationals among those handed over to the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics.

"We handed over nothing to anyone, we released these people," he said.

According to TASS

DONi News Agency