Russian volunteer gets 11 years of Ukrainian prison for helping DPR

In Kharkov, a local court convicted a volunteer of the movement "Anti-Maidan", a Russian citizen with the call sign "Theresa".

A citizen of the Russian Federation, a native of Krasnoyarsk, she, since 2014, have been visiting Kharkov, and then the territory of the Donetsk region, where as a volunteer provided medical assistance to the supporters of "Anti-Maidan" and the DPR militia.

Witnesses from among the pro-Ukrainian-minded local residents and Azov fighters were brought to the hearing. The latter identified the accused girl as, in their words, one of the leaders of the Vostok battalion of the Armed Forces of the DPR.

Another witness, an activist of the "Right Sector" from the village of Komsomolskoye, the Starobeshevsky district of the Donetsk region, during the court hearing was very offended that when detained in the DPR, she was called a "Bandera supporter" by locals and the defendant, and she was told that soon instead of Ukraine there will be Novorossiya. At the same time, as it was revealed in court, the Right Sector fan was not beaten or tortured, but, as punishment, she was forced to clean the cabinets and then was released. Already at home, she saw on TV the plot of the detention of Theresa and hurried to reach the SBU to testify.

The materials of the criminal case feature two video recordings, where a female voiceover, supposedly belonging to Theresa, says: "Listen, we need to thank the Crimean Patriotic Union and the inhabitants of Feodosia. Many thanks to the Crimean Patriotic Union. "

Having made a PR action from the detention of a medical girl, SBU officers, through television stories, trumpeted throughout Ukraine about their "successes in the fight against terrorism", thus making the defendant hostage to the image they invented.

As a result, the court sentenced the Russian volunteer to 11 years of imprisonment in a Ukrainian prison.

DONi News Agency