Russian-speaking Ukrainians do not have right to exist – ex-MP

Ex-MP from Ukraine's "Svoboda" party (nationalist party in Ukraine - ed.) Irina Farion said that Russian-speaking Ukrainians should be deprived of the opportunity to receive education and work in Ukraine, after which they will start 'chirping in Ukrainian'. The former deputy said this on the air of the "Independent Television Agency".

"My task is to neutralize them as much as possible (Russian-speaking Ukrainians - ed.). And really do not give these people neither education nor work. Then they will start chirping in Ukrainian the next day. Otherwise these Russian-speaking people can go to America, speak Russian there and find a job. There they will be allowed to sweep houses. Let them go to Poland or the Czech Republic," the ex-MP said.

Farion noted that she did not care about the Russian-speaking population.

"I do not care about the Russian-speaking population at all. Because who is this? Please show me such a legal category. Where in the Constitution of Ukraine  there is a written statement that they have the right to exist? Speaking Russian in Ukraine is a brand of the invader, this is Putin's best trophy. It is a symbol of the defeat of a Ukrainian before a Russian or, sorry, a Muscovite - it's so much better to call them that," the nationalist said.

Also, Farion said that the Russian-speaking population threatened her, because "the Russian world is where the Russian language is."

"What is Putin's biggest nightmare? Ukrainian-speaking Ukraine. Because Ukrainian-speaking Ukraine is a border with the Russian world... The Russian world is where there Russian is. Sorry, then the Russian-speaking population threatens me. And if something threatens me, I will fight it the most diverse, the most chimerical, the meanest and most perpendicular methods. Because I, the Ukrainian, must dominate in my state," the former deputy noted.

Farion added that she was not interested in the feelings of Russian-speaking participants of 'ATO'.

"And now about those who say that they are defending Ukraine, speaking Russian. I'm not interested in their feelings. I am interested in whether they are fulfilling the law of Ukraine on the Armed Forces. Article 13 of this law clearly says: the language of the Armed Forces is Ukrainian. Don' they know how to read? Then, get out even faster," the former deputy said.

DONi News Agency