Russian Permanent Representative in NATO: All the grand NATO’s operations end up with catastrophe

All the latest grand operations of the North Atlantic Alliance led to the catastrophe, the consequences of the Yugoslavia’s bombing of 1999 are still obvious and the Afghanistan’s situation doesn’t grow better despite the NATO’s presence there for 12 years, said the Russian Permanent Representative in NATO, Alexander Grushko. 
Grushko also remembered the situation in Libya and Iraqi. 

“As a result, we observe that large territories without any governmental control appeared in the Middle East and Northern Africa, creating heaven for terrorists and extremists of all sorts,” he said. 
“NATO’s attempts to influence Russia by force will lead to nothing,” he added.

The Russian Permanent Representative also claimed that NATO’s attempts to speak with Russia from a position of strength will not have any effect, but will only lead to opposite results. Grushko underlined that active NATO trainings near the Russian borders and stepping up of the Alliance’s Rapid Deployment Forces in Baltic comprise “serious rick to the Russian security.” 
He underlined that NATO’s activity on the Russian boarders can lead to the armament drive. Grushko also pointed out the drawing closer of NATO’s military infrastructure. According to his information, four NATO battalions are settling now in the Eastern flank – it is the American program on allies’ cooling-off. 
NATO is also stepping up its forces in Baltic countries. 

“There was only one base, now three or even four. It is the enforcement of NATO’s naval presence in Baltic and in the Black sea,” said Grushko. 

Grushko underlined that, despite Moscow receives more and more signals on NATO’s desire to restart the dialogue, no real signs of the defrost are noticed. 
DONi News Agency