Russia seeking good-neighbourly relations with Ukraine - Lavrov

Russia wants to see Ukraine as a democratic state where Russophobic moods would be ruled out, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday as he addressed a conference on the floor of the Korber Foundation.

"We'd like to see Ukraine as a stable and democratic state where the language, religious and ethnic minorities could live freely and use their rights stipulated by international conventions, including the convention of the Council of Europe," he said. "Also, it would be nice if that country did not cultivate artificial Russhophobic moods."

At present, Ukrainian radicals control much of state power in their country and they do not report to anyone, including the President, Lavrov said, adding: "It's important that monopoly for the use of force emerges in Ukraine in the final run."

He mentioned the notorious volunteer battalions that had organized the blockade of Donbass.

"President Porosenko said he would eliminate this blockade, but when he failed to do it, he simply legalized it by his decree," the Lavrov said.

"On our part, we're seeking good-neighbourly relations with Ukraine and we'd like our Western counterparts who are building a range of their own programs, including Eastern Partnership, to refrain from putting our neighbors before the choice of being either with Ukraine or with Russia," he said.

According to TASS

DONi News Agency