Russia accuses Kiev in UN of slavish attitude towards Donbass population

The delegations of Russia and Ukraine exchanged mutual accusations at a meeting of the UN Security Council dedicated to the problem of human trafficking in the context of armed conflicts. The deputy head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Kislitsa, tried to shift responsibility for the situation in Donbass onto Moscow, in response to which Yevgeny Zagainov, deputy Russian ambassador to the United Nations, reproached Kiev for slavish attitude to residents of the eastern regions of the country.

The diplomat called the attacks of the Ukrainian side "another batch of groundless accusations against Russia." According to him, the topic of the Security Council meeting "seems to be really relevant" for Ukraine.

"Apparently, it's just like in Kiev they treat the population of the eastern regions of Ukraine as rightless slaves who cannot lay claims, for example, to national identity or the use of their native language." It was decided to suppress its (population – Ed.) protest by force, as it used to be with servile revolts in ancient times," Zagainov said.

"When they failed, despite thousands of dead and wounded as a result of the use of force by the Kiev authorities, attempts were made to strangle the inhabitants of Donbass by any available means, such as economic and transport blockade, cessation of social payments and so on," continued the deputy ambassador of the RF. He drew attention to the decision taken on March 15 in Kiev on the complete cessation of cargo transportation with Donbass.

DONi News Agency