Runaway AFU major claims Kiev downed MH-17

Ukrainian forces ex-major Yuri Baturin claimed, Malaysian Boeing, crashed in July 2014, was shot from the locality of Zaroshenskoye, which was controlled by Kiev forces at that time.

At the moment of the plane’s crash, Baturin was the head of the command post of the military unit A-1215 of anti-aircraft missile forces near Kharkov, and on the day of the crash personally saw Boeing on the indicators.

“We paid special attention to all the planes that were flying above the hostilities zone, for, as for me it was nonsense. We noticed when the plane disappeared from the indicators. There was a mark, and then it was gone. It attracts attention,” said former Ukrainian serviceman.

He also underlined that in several days after the plane’s crash, military men specialized on redeployment of the 156th anti-aircraft missile regiment’s hardware to the area of the village of Zaroshenskoye arrived at the command post. Baturin underlined that the redeployed hardware included anti-aircraft system “Buk”.

Ukrainian ex-major juxtaposed the facts and understood that the mark of Boeing MH-17 at the radar’s screen disappeared in the zone of action of the anti-aircraft guided missile of the anti-aircraft missile system “Buk”, which included the point of standing "Zaroshenskoye locality."

“That was the very moment when the situation became perfectly clear.When everything got back on its places. That was the moment when I felt ashamed, when I felt hard and full of pain. Media of the whole world were claiming Russia shot down the passenger plane, all using the same words, and at that very moment the convoy which was redeploying the hardware came. Only a fool would fail to make conclusions,” summed up the former serviceman.

Baturin underlined that he is responsible for every single word he said. Presently he lives in Russia.

DONI News Agency