Right Sector full of determination to take revenge on Ukrainian servicemen for their sworn brothers' death

The bombardment of the positions of the terrorist grouping "Right Sector"  by the 59th AFU separate brigade with the use of the Grad MRLS in the vicinity of the settlement of Pishchevik did not pass without a trace, DPR Operational Command, Press-Service reports. 

"Thus, according to the information we have, the leaders of this terrorist organization immediately after the shelling announced the collection of their groupings to carry out an act of retaliation to the command and servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who planned and carried out this bombardment.

On August 7, at about 19:00, a column of five buses and five armored vehicles "Kraz" was detected near the settlement of Maryinka, and a column of 28 trucks with the Right Sector nationalists in the Kramatorsk district. All equipment moved to the south in the responsibility zone of the 59th brigade under the command of AFU Colonel Victor Volsky. All the gunmen are full of determination and desire to take revenge on Ukrainian servicemen for the death of their sworn brothers. 

In this regard, all the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed in the Mariupol direction are put on alert. The command of the so-called "ATO" zone plans to use the available forces and facilities for the complete liquidation of the approached radicals and for accusing the DPR of this via the controlled media, whose correspondents are in the "ATO" zone," reported  DPR Defense Ministry. 

DONi News Agency