Right Sector to enlist residents for political action in Kiev

The commanders of the Ukrainian nationalist units ‘Right Sector’ and ‘Ukrainian Nationalists’ Organization’ have been given the order to gather civilians living in the Ukrainian-military-occupied cities of Donbass to take part in political actions in Kiev, the Vice-Commander of the Operational Command of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Eduard Basurin states.  

“There was received the information on the fact that the commanders of the nationalist units ‘Right Sector’ and ‘Ukrainian Nationalist Organization’ were given the order to organize gathering and departure of the residents who live in the Ukrainian-military-occupied cities of Donbass to Kiev to hold the meeting in support of the participants of the “Donbass trade blockade” near the building of the Verkhovna Rada,” said the Vice-Commander. 

According to the DPR intelligence, for these purposes there were provided 1,6 million UAH (3,36 million rubles).

On the basis, each meeting participant will receive 200 UAH. The meeting in support of the Donbass blockade is scheduled for February 21. 

Eduard Basurin added that disorders would be possible during the meeting that would allow to asses Ukraine’s law enforcement forces’ reaction.   

It will be taken into account while preparing for further and larger events. 

DONi News Agency