Repair of gas line, damaged due to hostilities near Yasinovataya, accomplished

Yasinovataya gas engineers  have restored the gas pipeline damaged due hostilities , which provides the boiler room of the Donetsk filtering station, reports the “Donbass Water Company” representative.

“Yesterday, in the area of “Gospodar” market the Yasinovataya gas engineers restored the gas pipeline, damaged due to hostilities over a month ago. This pipe line supplies the DFS boiler house with gas, so now we can bring the Filtering station into operation in no time,” said the water company’s representative.

It should be underlined that the efforts of the Russian and the DPR representatives at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination, who managed to obtain the necessary security guarantees from the Ukrainian side made the restoration possible.

"The area where the work was ongoing was thoroughly inspected by sappers, no incident took place," added the housing company’s representative.

DONi News Agency