Rally supporting Donbass genocide termination held in Berlin

A rally in support of Donbass residents took place in the city-centre of Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday, July 12. It was attended by residents and guests of the German capital, representatives of public organizations, as well as Anna Tuv – a resident of Gorlovka, a rehabilitation physician by education and a surgical nurse by profession, and now a refugee and volunteer.

In 2015, her home in the village of Korolenko in Gorlovka was hit by shells that destroyed all the property and killed her husband and the eldest 11-year-old daughter. Anna lost her left hand. Her younger children – a two-year-old son and a new-born girl – were wounded and received a concussion.

"Today I'm speaking at a rally, and tomorrow I will take part in a conference in Berlin, I will be able to speak out there, tell about 120 children who perished in Donbass, these are official data since 2014. I brought all their photographs, I will also present a book written by an Italian journalist and writer Enrico Viña, it's titles Under the Bombs, it's dedicated to the with children's photos.

"The purpose of my trips is to stop bombardments of residential quarters. The ceasefire regime is not observed. There are proofs that the Ukrainian party is doing this, for example, the shelling of my house was documented by the OSCE, there were carried out ballistic assessments. People here are not aware of what is going on (in Donbass)," Tuv said.

DONi News Agency