Putin says Russia ready to return to Ukraine dozens of naval ships, warplanes

Russia is ready to return to Ukraine the armaments from the Crimea, although this military equipment is in a dismal condition, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday as he met with the editors-in-chief of printed media and news agencies.

He also said Moscow would not object to the presence of the Ukrainian military at the recycling of munitions in the Crimea.

"We're prepared to continue the process and to hand the naval ships, which are still in the Crimea, back to Ukraine, as well as to hand back the aircraft and armored vehicles," he said. "It's true that this technology is in a dismal condition, but we're speaking about dozens of ships and dozens of aircraft."

"The amount of munitions is considerable, too, but our military say it cannot be transported because this would be all too dangerous and it should be recycled on the spot," Putin said. "We're ready to invite the Ukrainian military to attend the recycling procedures."

According to TASS

DONi News Agency