Pushilin: Except for allegations, Kiev does nothing for Vodafone service renewal in DPR

The Vodafone network renewal in the DPR on the Ukrainian part doesn’t go further than allegations, reports the head of the DPR delegation in Minsk, the DPR People’s Council chairman, Denis Pushilin.

“Unfortunately, Ukraine did nothing, but assured that they support the initiative of the Vodafone work renewal in the DPR, which, led to no concrete steps on network restoration. Correspondently, we have certain suggestions concerning Vodafone work’s renewal,” underlined Pushilin.

He also underlined that the question on the above mentioned topic is to be arisen at the upcoming Contact group session in Minsk, which is to take place on February 14th, where the DPR suggestions will be presented.

Earlier it was reported that during the Minsk negotiations session on January 31st no reasonable initiatives on mobile network restoration were presented on the Ukrainian part. The DPR was in favor of the issue’s early resolving.

DONi News Agency