Protesters in Spain demand to sever diplomatic relationships with Ukraine

A few tens of people coming together near the Foreign Affairs Ministry Building in the downtown of the city on Sunday evening sharply criticized the Spanish authorities, demanding to stop directly or indirectly supporting the Ukrainian authorities and even to sever the diplomatic relationships with Kiev. 

“We are demanding from the Spanish authorities to sever the diplomatic relationships with Ukraine’s government,” stated Ankheles Maestro, the event organizer, official representative of the ‘Forum against imperialistic war and NATO’.  

The cause of holding the meeting was the sharp escalation of the situation in Donbass. Spanish activists put the blame on the Kiev authorities who, from their point of view, had waged the punitive operation against civilians of Donbass having violated the Minsk agreements that order to refuse heavy arms usage. 

Maestro stated that the event participants accused the European Union of assisting the government founded as a result of the coup and that was supported by Nazis. 

The event took place under the motto "Kiev shells civilians. Donbass resists". 

Event participants were holding photographs where destroyed Donbass localities were depicted and also the LPR Flag. 

“Fascism, get out of Donbass. No NATO! Donbass will win!” chanted the people. 

DONi News Agency