Profile Committee of People's Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs has developed DPR Consular Statute

Donetsk, November 3. The Committee for Foreign Policy and International Relations has discussed the bill "On Consular Statute", developed together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR.

It was the first meeting of the Committee after its having been reformatted. Sergey Ivanov and Yury Pokintelitsa, MPs from the faction "Donetsk Republic", as well as Alla Barhatnova, an MP from the faction "Free Donbass", had replaced MPs Alexander Kofman, Vasily Tkachuk and Michael Mnukhin who had gone to work in the executive authorities.

The MPs debated and decided to submit the bill "On Consular charter" for registration to be further considered at a meeting of the National Council. It was unanimously decided to introduce a number of necessary amendments to the bill №172-D "On the State Property Fund."

"As a part of the Committee's meeting we have also discussed with Olga Parfinenko, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, a number of issues of foreign policy and international relations of the People's Republic of Donetsk which require a priority legislative settlement", commented Alexander Khryakin, the chairman of the profile committee.

DONi News Agency