Prisoners’ transferring from DPR disrupted by Ukrainian Justice Ministry

The transferring of the Ukrainian prisoners from the DPR territory was disrupted, reports the Ukrainian Ombudsman’s representative, Mikhail Chaplyga.

“15 prisoners were to be transferred from the DPR today. The objective was not fulfilled,” said he. According to Chaplyga, it is the fault of the Ukrainian Justice Ministry.

“The Justice Ministry reformed the penitentiary service’s and it failed,” said the representative, specifying that the Ministry provided improperly prepared documents and it caused the prisoners’ transferring disruption.

Chaplyga also underlined that it was one-side transferring. “We are waiting for the retry in the nearest future,” he added.

Apart from it, the ombudsman’s representative added that Kiev is waiting for the transferring of over dozens of Ukrainian citizens convicted by the Crimea courts before the peninsula became the part of Russia. The negotiations upon the subject are regularly conducted by the Ukrainian and Russian ombudsmen Valeria Lutkovskaya and Tatiana Moscalkowa.   

DONi News Agency