Power supply to Krasny Partizan restored after AFU shelling

Emergency repair teams have repaired power supply to the residents of the Krasny Partizan locality of the Yasinovataya district, DPR Coal and Energy Ministry, Press-Service reports.

"The settlement is located near the contact line and constantly undergoes artillery attacks of Kiev's military.

At this time, the locality was de-energized on January 13. Wires of the high-voltage 10kW power line were damaged by the massive  attack at 11:10AM.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to repair damages immediately, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) kept actively shelling the district.

Only on January 15, using a little quite time, energy-men managed to repair the damaged line and to provide the residents of Krasny Partizan with electricity at 01:40PM.  

At present, the power supply to the locality is carried out as usual," says a statment.

DONi News Agency