Poroshenko the first President who ignores Orthodox Christmas

Ukraine's President Pyotr Poroshenko gave up on all the traditions and went abroad on Christmas red-letter days to have rest, Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada's MP Nestor Shufrich states on the air of the NewsOne TV Channel.

According to him, It was for the first time in Ukraine's history when the President didn't participated in a Christmas prayer.

"On Christmas night Ukraine's President disappeared. For the first time I didn't observe live prayers neither in St.Vladimir's Cathedral nor in the Cathedral of Kiev Pecherskaya Lavra – prayers were not beamed live anywhere.

It happened for the first time. As a usual thing, Presidents were present at the Christmas prayer and prayed for Ukraine… I can presuppose that he has returned to Ukraine today. Well, my intuition told me. There are rumors in lobbies of the Verkhovna Rada that the President left the country to relax abroad,” pointed out Shufrich.

DONi News Agency