Poroshenko exposes border with Crimea by throwing military forces to Donbass

Petro Poroshenko has actually exposed the border with the Crimea, by bringing the most capable forces from Kherson region to Donbass, said social activist Gennady Sivak, referring to the local residents.

"On Chongarsky direction it is almost empty, the whole group, which was based in Chaplynka, Stokopani, Genichesk, left, they left behind only painted metal scraps," he said.

Social activist believes that the statements by the LDPR representatives about the threat of AFU offensive are real. "All AFU are concentrated in Donbass," he said.

"The development of the situation will take place when the fog clears (for the drones to fly and see the area), and frost should forge mud, the offensive could begin under these conditions. However, in the case of Ukrainian offensive, the DPR soldiers can come from the flanks, and then Mariupol will be the biggest pocket of all hostilities. Everyone who goes there are the future two-hundredths. Breaking out is possible only into the sea," Sivak said.


According to him, residents of Mariupol are anxiously watching military maneuvers. "They're all waiting for something terrible, cleaning the basements, preparing to sit out there,"  social activist said.

DONi News Agency