Poroshenko Blok wants unification with Poland in a confederal state

Ukraine should initiate consultations on joining with the Baltic countries and Poland into a confederation.

This initiative was announced by Igor Smeshko, an adviser to the president and the head of the Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine, who in previous years had headed the General Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine and Security Service, at the conference "The militarisation of the occupied Crimea as a threat to international security" held in Kiev.

The adviser to the President noted that a federal status for Ukraine was out of question, but it was possible to consider the matter of a confederation with other states.

‘Why the Polish president's initiative on the establishment of a Intermarium confederation between the Baltic and the Black Sea region is not worth, at least, beginning consultations in all countries from the Baltic to the Black Sea on the establishment of a confederation of effective protection in the event of aggression, which, obviously, is actual today,’ he pointed out.

DONi News Agency