Poll shows 95% of Ukrainians don't believe in better life, dream of replacing Poroshenko

As follows from the survey of the sociological group "Rating", 92% of Ukrainian citizens assess the situation in the country as critical or tense, and at the same time there is growing disappointment – 59% are convinced that the country needs radical changes, but only 5% believe that their life will improve. 37% are not hopeful of changes already, another 18% expect deterioration.

It is significant that only about half of the respondents want their children to stay in Ukraine. Another 26% expect a "bright future" for them in Europe, 7% – in the US and 2% – in Russia.

At the same time, the demand for a "strong hand" is growing: 28% of respondents answered affirmatively to the question of whether Ukraine needs a dictatorship with a tough leader.

The situation around Donbass is also indicative: answering the question of what to do with the region, every twentieth Ukrainian said would like to conduct a military operation, about a third part of respondents – to cease hostilities and recognize the region as "temporarily occupied." Another 21% would like the people's republics to enter Ukraine on a federative basis, 18% – haven’t decided yet.

DONi News Agency