Political prisoner in Poland since one year: Mateusz Piskorsky

The Polish politician, leading anti-NATO activist, journalist and intellectual, Mateusz Piskorski, is waiting for his trial in Polish prison since May 18 last year. The FreeWestMedia reports from blatant violation of human rights taking place in EU-NATO country.

One year ago: On the morning of May 18, 2016, officers of the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) kidnap and arrest Mateusz Piskroski. He is one of the most important anti-NATO activists in Poland, a political expert and a co-founder of the Polish think-tank, the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis and vice director of the Berlin based German Center for Eurasian Studies.

He was a Member of the Polish Parliament from 2005-2007 and for many years he has spoken out in favor European-continental cooperation and against the NATO and American policy towards Europe and the Middle East.

Piskorski was arrested and is being held for 3 months of preliminary custody on charges of “spying for a foreign country” with various media sources spreading the “unconfirmed reports” that he was employed by the intelligence services of Russia “and/or” Iraq. Specific charges are unknown, the whole case is being kept secret, thereby preventing anyone related to Matusz Piskorski from preparing a defense.

Instead, the government-controlled media have made a spectacle of hatred and slander, spinning irrational speculation, not only about the detainee but also about so-called “agents of the influence” – a term that de facto covers everyone who proclaims views other than those set down by the Polish authorities.

One year later, there are still no official charges, and his “temporary incarceration” has been extended 5 times. Mateusz Piskorski is Poland’s first political prisoner.

DONi News Agency

According to: FreeWestMedia