Poland's Foreign Minister believes there is no such thing as ‘Ukrainian crisis’

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski believes that there is no "Ukrainian crisis" but aggression of Moscow against Kiev.

"Let's start by identifying problems: there is no Ukrainian crisis, there is aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Russia sent its troops to seize the Crimea, Russia initiated an uprising in Donbass," the minister.

"We all know who sent the troops: the Russian Federation sent troops to seize the Crimea, the Russian Federation sent soldiers to start an uprising in Donbass. There is no Ukrainian crisis, there is an open conflict between Russia and Ukraine .This is not a problem for Poland, it's a problem for the international community that the Russian Federation violated international law and bilateral legislative acts between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and we need to recognize these facts," added Waszczykowski.

DONi News Agency