Peskov: situation with Russian banks in Ukraine shows that it is very dangerous to work there

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov assured that the Kremlin "very closely" follows the situation with the branches of Russian banks in Ukraine.

"It is clear that we are very attentively and with great concern watching what is happening in Kiev," the Kremlin spokesman told reporters.

He did not give an unambiguous answer to the question of what will be the reaction of Moscow to what is happening.

"Let's see how the situation will develop, here, too, it is hardly necessary to speculate hypothetically," explained Peskov.

The Kremlin spokesman also admitted that he cannot yet answer the question whether the Kremlin would recommend that Sberbank close its branches in Ukraine.

The Kremlin believes that because of the situation with the Russian banks' branches in Ukraine, the investment climate in this country is destroyed.

"We believe that, of course, this situation (with the offices of Russian banks) is absolutely destroying the investment climate in Ukraine, it shows the whole world that it is now very dangerous and it is hardly economically expedient to work on the territory of Ukraine," Peskov told reporters.

DONi News Agency