Peacekeeping operation in Donbass unacceptable – Russian envoy to OSCE

A full-fledged peacekeeping operation in the Donbass region is unacceptable from the point of view of Minsk agreements, said the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE, Alexander Lukashevich.

"But they are not peacekeepers, it's a mission to ensure security, protect the OSCE observers. The Ukrainian party, along with a number of states participating in the Western camp, is talking about a full-fledged peacekeeping operation, which, of course, is absolutely unacceptable with regard to the Minsk agreements and in terms of the functioning of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission the mandate of which was issued by the participating states," he said on the air of the Rossia-24 channel.

"This is not a question at all as for the border [the deployment of a peacekeeping mission on the border of Ukraine with the Russian Federation — ed.] We are talking about the fact that the main events, the main threats exist along the entire contact line [in Donbass — ed.]. We agreed to additional proposals that if there is a need to involve UN specialists, it can be done on both sides of the contact line. But all this is theorizing and no practical initiative has been taken in New York so far. A long pause has been taken in Vienna, but the outcome should become clear in the UN Security Council, which alone is authorized to make decisions to dispatch a certain mission — peacekeeping and protective," Lukashevich said.

DONi News Agency