Part of Kiev protesters refuse to leave tent camp near Rada

Several dozens of activists, participants of the protest action near the Verkhovna Rada, refused police’s request to move from the track way of the Grushevskogo Str., to the Maryinsky Park near the Ukrainian parliament.

Earlier, on Friday, the Kiev’s Police head, Andrey Krishenko claimed law enforcement officials demand protesters to leave the Grushevskogo Str., and move to the Maryinsky Park. On Thursday organizers of protest action near Rada stated that the party of Georgian ex-president, Michael Saakashvili, “The new power’s movement”, will continue protest action’s conducting; all the other political forces ceased their participation in the meeting.

“We won’t go away from here, we will stand here till the end. Stop deceiving us and stop ignoring our demands,” said one of the protestors.

Protestors also stated that action’s organizers had already addressed them with a request to move to the Maryinsky Park. However, many action’s participants claimed they won’t obey anyone anymore and will conduct the protest on their own.

“All those members of parliament are sleeping at home, in warmth, and we are freezing here. They deceived and used us again. We are quite sure they have already established some accord with the current power. People disagree with such state of things. We will stay here till we win,” claimed another protestant.

The most aggressive protesters are women from the so-called "women's hundred". They have their tent in the tent camp, on which the number "5" and the poster "Women's (Tamara’s) hundred" are hanged. Protesters from this tent claimed they intend to block the parliament and wouldn’t let deputies go home for the weekend. They also said that if they would be asked to leave the street again, they would completely block it, including the pedestrian traffic.

Presently, about 60 people are staying in the tent camp. Many of them wear camouflage; some of them have “Donbass” battalion’s chevrons. They are standing, communicating with each other, discussing the outraging actions of the protest’s organizers, who, according to protesters, abandoned them.  On some tents there are national flags, flags of the Ukrainian Nationalists Organization and Saakashvili’s party “The new power’s movement” banners. No politicians or action’s organizers stayed in the tent camp.

DONi News Agency