Over 3, 5 thousand people appeal to DPR Ombudsman since year beginning

The DPR Ombudsman's office has received 3,909 applications since the beginning of 2017, the DPR Ombudsman's office, Press-Service reports. 

During the work period from August 5 to 11, eleven people visited the personal reception of the Ombudsman, the department for dealing with citizens' appeals received 37 applications, the hot line accepted 43 calls. E-mail of the Ombudsman's Office received 25 electronic appeals, and 16 written appeals were accepted for consideration, 8 - reviewed from the previously received appeals, 43 citizens of the Republic were provided with legal advice.

All the incoming appeals can be divided into 4 categories: violations in the field of criminal law - 227 appeals, violations in civil law - 406 appeals, administrative violations against citizens of the DPR - 2 appeals, social and humanitarian issues - 3,274 appeals.

DONIi News Agency