Over 15 thousand school-leavers become DPR students – Tatyana Denisova

According to the DPR universities’ enrollment campaign, 15, 670 school-leavers became the first-year-students, DPR Education and Science Ministry, Higher Professional Education Department, Head Tatyana Denisova stated this at the briefing on September 12. 

“The enrollment campaign comprised two stages: the main stage took place from June 26th to July 31st, and the additional one – from September 1st to 10th. 

As of today, the enrollment campaign has been extended only for the Donbass Agrarian Academy. 61% of those school-leavers who enrolled chose the educational program of Bachelor’s Degree, 17% - Specialist’s Degree and 22% - Master’s Degree. 

In contrast to the previous enrollment campaign, the number of school-leavers who enrolled has increased by 155 students,” she said.

DONi News Agency