OSCE detects 50 landmines, laid by Ukrainian soldiers near Zolotoye locality

The OSCE SMM representatives detected about 50 anti-tank landmines, laid by the Kiev forces in the means and forces withdrawal zone near Zolotoye locality, reports the LPR People’s Militia official representative Andrey Marochko.

“The mine-laying in the withdrawal zone was undertaken by the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ units,” said Marochko.

“The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission’s representatives, who detected at least 50 anti-tank landmines in the demilitarized zone, confirm the fact,” underlined the colonel.

He underlined that by it the Ukrainian Command continues to violate the 8th paragraph of the framework decision on the forces and means withdrawal, according to which only the JCCC and OSCE representatives are to be present in that zone, and uses the ceasefire for stepping up its means and forces in the demilitarized zone.

DONi News Agency