OSCE criticizes Russian journalist's expulsion from Ukraine

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of Media, Harlem Desir, criticized the actions of the Ukrainian authorities who had deported the Russian journalist.

"As in previous cases, I recall that authorities should not deport journalists from other OSCE States," Desir wrote on his Twitter page, attaching to his post a link to the communique of April 3, 2014, on denial of entry of journalists from one OSCE participating country to another.

On Saturday, Ukraine expelled journalist of the Russia 24 TV channel Natalia Goncharova and banned her entry for three years. The SBU argued this by the fact that Goncharova had filmed "anti-Ukrainian video stories in the interests of the aggressor country." The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Kiev is carrying out a "total clean-up of the country's information space," and demanded professional freedom for media workers.

Ukraine has repeatedly expelled Russian journalists under various pretexts. Thus, in early November, RIA Novosti journalist Zakhar Vinogradov was not allowed into the country, he was made to get off from the Moscow-Odessa train and was banned from entering the country for five years. In late August, Kiev deported correspondent of the Pervy Kanal ("First Channel") Anna Kurbatova because of her report about Donbass. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly urged OSCE countries and the Council of Europe, as well as international organizations, to condemn Kiev's policy against the media.

DONi News Agency