No peacemakers to arrive in Donbass without DPR and LPR consent

The plan on Dobass situation’s regulation, prepared on request of the NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen, won’t work without the DPR and the LPR agreement, reports the head of the Russian State Duma International Affairs committee, Aleksey Pushkov.

“Peacemakers are to go there (to Donabss) to fulfill peaceful regulation, not to lead the war. They are to contact Lugansk and Donets and obtain their consent on the issue,” said Pushkov.

The head of the Russian State Duma International Affairs committee underlined Kiev is trying to "ensure that peacemakers control the entire Donbass territory. However, Pushkov is sure it’s not going to happen, firstly, because Russia will never support such initiative, secondly, because the DPR and the LPR won’t agree with such actions.

It should be reminded that the plan on Donbass situation regulation, prepared on the NATO General Secretary’s request, presupposes deployment of 20 thousand servicemen from the countries which are not NATO members in Donbass.

DONi News Agency