New 'Viking Divisions' rising: Four northern European countries to use similar combat uniforms

Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark will begin to use the same kind of combat uniforms. On Wednesday, armies of Scandinavia made a combined order announcement, which is called for new Nordic Combat Uniform.

This was reported by the Finnish public broadcast company YLE.

The plan is that all military branches of the Nordic countries will use the same kind of combat wears. Price tag for new combat uniforms can rise up to 425 million euro. This is the first time that four countries have published such a big combined military purchase.

On 13 November 2017 Finland, Sweden and Denmark were among the EU-countries, which signed the agreement of creating new EU-army, which has been seen by several military analysts as 'NATO's new European pillar.' Denmark and Norway are full members of the NATO military alliance. Finland and Sweden both signed and ratified NATO agreement called "Host Nation Support Agreement" in 2014.

DONi News Agency