New LPR Head, who is he?

Leonid Ivanovich Pasechnik was born in 1970. A second-generation security agent, he graduated from the Donetsk Highest military school.

The fame of a principled professional Pasechnik gained after detaining a huge contraband batch in 2006. The total price of the detained goods amounted to 2,00,000 dollars.

In October 2014, Leonid Pasechnik was appointed the LPR State Security Minister.

One of the outstanding, headline-making cases, which took place when Pasechnik was appointed to the new position, was the investigation of series of crimes, committed by former LPR Minister of Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry Dmitry Lyamin. According to reliable sources in the LPR, that was the very case, solving of which provided Pasechnik with strong public support in the Republic and increasing number of enemies in Ukraine.

It should be reminded that on November 24th Igor Plotnitsky claimed, he resigns for health reasons.

DONi News Agency