New landscape garden will appear in DPR

The Republican Landscape Garden "Olkhovatsky" with an area of more than 1,000 ha is to be opened near the border of the DPR and the LPR.

This was reported by Roman Kishkan, Chairman of the State Committee for Environmental Policy and Natural Resources under the Head of the DPR.

"This is the north-east of the DPR, in fact the border with the LPR. There is a wonderful village Olkhovatka-Ilyinka. This is an interesting area: the classic spurs of the Donetsk ridge; beam overgrown with alders. The village is 300 years old - this is its historical value. In the village there is a closed mine "Olkhovatskaya" – we will preserved a drop tower, mine drainage, administration building - and all those interested can have a look at it," Kishkan said.

A new landscape park is planned to be created on the basis of the Balka Skeleyevaya reserve. This area is known for its unique steppes, rocky outcrops, clean water, forest, and archaeological sites.

DONi News Agency