A new Donbass truce to be negotiated at contact group meeting

The key topic of the meeting of the contact group on the situation settlement in Donbass will be the announcement of a new armistice by the beginning of the academic year, said Kiev's representative to the humanitarian subgroup at the Minsk talks, the first vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Irina Gerashchenko.

Earlier, the contact group agreed on a ceasefire coming into effect in Donbass from June 24 along the entire contact line for the harvest period – until August 31. On Tuesday, the Normandy Quartet leaders (France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine) expressed support for the contact group's forthcoming decision to declare an armistice on the occasion of the academic year's beginning.

"Today, the meeting of the Minsk groups is taking place. At the TCG session (tripartite contact group – ed.) a decision is to be made on a ceasefire timed to the beginning of the new academic year. Yes, it will be already the 11th statement of truce over these difficult years, unfortunately, none of them lasted more than a couple of days," wrote Gerashchenko on her Facebook page on Wednesday, admitting the Ukrainian tradition to violate the newly reached agreements.

She noted the importance of holding a meeting in Minsk immediately after the telephone conversation of the Norman format leaders, which took place before.

"For the first time there was presented a joint statement of the Quartet on the truce, a public statement, because until now the decisions on the ceasefire had been taken at the TCK sessions," Gerashchenko added. According to her, one of the main topics of the meeting will also be the issue of security.

DONi News Agency