Neo-Nazi, who attacked a girl wearing St. George ribbon in Kiev, found out in 2 hours

The Russian businessman Alex Krepchinsky announced a $10,000 reward for information on a neo-Nazi who, on May 9 in the centre of Kiev, had attacked a woman with child, tearing a St. George ribbon off their clothes.

The Nazi, wearing a T-shirt with a Hitler swastika on it, was recognised on a video made by journalists. To get through the police cordon and attack the participants of the events of May 9, he disguised himself with a dark green jacket, reminiscent of military uniforms.

2 hours after Krepchinsky’s announcement, the information on the neo-Nazi was collected.

'His name is Vitaliy Kafira (Rigor). A Nazi from the "White hammer” organisation. The search is over. Thanks, people! Together, we are a great force,’ wrote Krepchinsky in Facebook.

Later he urged people not to ask him what would happen to Rigot and called on them to help the woman traumatised by the neo-Nazi’s attack. The businessman also assured that the publication of the woman’s photos on the web would not threaten her with a new attack of the Nazis.

DONi News Agency