Nearly half of infrastructure facilities, damaged by shelling, restored in Makeyevka

Nearly 700 Makeyevka’s infrastructure facilities, damaged due to Ukrainian shelling, were completely restored, reports the Makeyevka administration’s press-service.

“Presently, 697 infrastructure facilities had been restored in Makeyevka, including 113 units reconstructed in frames of the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd stages of the Restoration Program, 77 renewed in frames of “Program 3728”, 105 repaired by asset holders and 402 repaired by the owners,” enumerated the press-service representative.

It was also underlined that 107 residential houses’ owners were provided with construction materials to repair houses on their own.

According to administration’s data, during the hostilities 1383 infrastructure facilities of the city and residential area had been damaged, including 112 social sphere institutions and vital city’s infrastructure, 319 block of flats and 953 residential houses.

DONi News Agency