NATO trains Ukrainian soldiers for information wars in Estonia

NATO organized and carried out the Ukrainian-Estonian school on conducting information wars, stated today the head of the CIS State Parties Anti-terrorist center Colonel General of police, Andrey Novikov at a press conference in Moscow.

"In late October on the territory of Estonia there took place approbation of the balto-Ukrainian school. Its tasks were formulated quite openly: journalistic standards as bodies of manipulations' concealing, how Russia uses working policy of the western media for conducting special information operations," said Novikov.

According to him the school was organized by the German fund of Friedrich Ebert, the International Defense and Security Center under the NATO headquarters and the National Centre for Defence & Security Awareness.

"Teaching was conducted in Russian and was focused on special information operations in the Russian-speaking telecommunications segment. Some practical measures for training of Internet activists don't leave doubt that undermining information operations are aimed at political destabilization," said Novikov.

DONi News Agency